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Thanks to a spellbinding fusion of music and videography, their debut singles and music videos have already won over

numerous international media and film festivals.


"The Revolution," shows their ability to marry music, dance and video in powerful ways.

The music video has already been selected for 27 international festivals in the U.S. and Europe, winning 15 awards including 3 Best Original Score awards.

DOVE-i are on a mission to push musical boundaries and create a truly immersive sonic landscape. The masterminds behind DOVE-i are Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny, who both bring their unique influences and attributes to the table, working hand in glove to forge their own signature sound...


220.000 monthly visitors

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11 international festival selections.

5 awards including Best Video Clip and Best Original Music.

Their latest offering comes in the form of single “Metamorphosis.” Featuring the incredible Fifi Rong, the track will be sure to immerse you with it’s swirling melodies and dynamic textures. “Metamorphosis” is a cinematographic track that merges trip-hop and classical together, creating an offering that will leave a lasting impression...

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On the occasion of the release of the new single "Default" with the participation of one of the voices of Saturday Night Live: Mike Harvea

The filmic arrangement has a deeply visual quality, while the surging vocals come from Mike Harvey – a hugely experienced figure in the music industry, he has accompanied the likes of Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige.

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436.000 monthly visitors

The Parisian Musical Collective

Born of a desire to meet with others and swap ideas, Dove-i is a musical collective bringing together talents from every horizon to develop unusual artistic projects of a highly cinematic nature that pack a powerful emotional punch.


Founded by composers and producers Thomas Verovski & Bastide Donny, this “Musical Factory” is the way to respond to requests for music with a high-end image and strong creativity.


With the support of


Des-Mesures Productions

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