Thomas Verovski composer, Dove-i



Pianist trained at the American School of Modern Music and then at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Thomas Verovski made his debut with Manu Dibango. 

Songwriter, arranger and composer of numerous soundtracks for television, he enjoys exploring new styles and fusing musical cultures such as classical music, jazz and electronic music.

Bastide Donny composer, Dove-i




From suspenseful melodies in «Mesrine» and «The Gunman» to action-packed scores such as «District 13» and the «Taxi» series, film score composer Bastide Donny showed he knew how to connect with audiences through powerful sound’s creative storytelling. Producer and non-classically trained musician, his scores combine the richness of the vintage world with the restless energy of the new world. He is a member of the music commission of the CNC.

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Lyne Stambouli, Dove-i

Lyne Stambouli

Louis de Belleval composer, Dove-i

Louis de Belleval

Les Parisiennes Quatuor string quartet, Florence Veniant, Emelyne Chirol, Sophie Durstest

Les Parisiennes Quatuor

Scoring Orchestra - Scoring Production

Scoring Orchestra