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Album: It's Pop Fiction

This album was born during the first lockdown in France.


In this very special period when the world was at full stop, this opus is in a way the original soundtrack of a movie that nobody would have imagined.


As an act of resilience through art, the songs address deep questions, anchored in the reality of this new decade : inner metamorphosis, artistic questioning, love renewal, identity at the time of the Black Lives Matter movement, richness of the differences, the Earth that we leave to the future generations...


So many fundamental themes set in motion through music in a resolutely cinematographic spirit by the Dove-i collective with the collaboration of talents from all over the world.

Listen ... It's pop fiction!


An album composed, orchestrated and produced by DOVE-i


Quarantine, The Revolution, Metamorphosis & Somewhere

Performed by the Scoring Orchestra and recorded at Studio Ferber

Conductor: Nicolas Krauze

Sound engineer: Alexandre Tanguy

Artistic Director: Jonathan Grimbert-Barre


Default, Create, Echoes & Mysterious Creature 

Performed by Les Parisiennes Quatuor and recorded at Studio DMP

Photo: Daniel Ablin

Artwork: Jean-Mary Dejardin

Additional musicians

Asuka: Koto on  Metamorphosis

Paul Kinman: Guitars on  Somewhere

Serge Gelli: Guitars on  Earth

Mixing: Richard Turek & DOVE-i

Mixing  Metamorphosis : Lionel Vasseur

Additional mixing: Lionel Vasseur

Mastering: Jeremy Henri (La Villa)

"It's Pop Fiction"  through the eyes of Dimitri Lanctuit - Photography

« Because sound and musical vibrations also exist naturally in photography, my collaboration with DOVE-i was obvious.

The album "It's Pop Fiction" mixes sensations and words in harmony with my aesthetic research. The photographic material present in each of the songs allowed me to propose a strong visual interpretation without imposing it. »


Dimitri Lanctuit

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